FreePDF 3.2

Creates PDF documents through a virtual printer. Requires ghostscript
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This program is intended to be used as a “PDF generator” or, more common to hear, PDF creator. So, why is so important to be able to create this kind of documents? Well, because it has become a standard and the format has its advantages. For example, it uses less disk space than other formats containing the same amount of information. Also, it's more secure since it can't carry viruses (doesn't use macros).
To edit a document created in this format can be a pain in the neck if you don't have an appropiate software. By having a PDF creation tool, you don't actually need to edit PDF documents. You can create and edit documents in other applications such as Open Writer and then you can convert them into PDF format.
Besides, many times you send a document via e-mail or up-load it on the Internet, you don't want it to be modified, and PDF documents have that natural characteristic.
As many other applications alike, what this tool does is to create a virtual printer on your system so when you send documents to print, it converts them into PDF format. Just like that.

When it comes about simplicity and speed this is the king of PDF applications. It may not have the nicest aspect or interactive interface – actually it really doesn't – but it's amazingly simple and quick.
A single window showing only one choice – the quality profile (only three of them available by default) – and a menu section with only two menus, File and Modify.
The first menu, File, lets you open the postscript document wich will be converted into PDF by Ghostscript, a required additional application to have FreePDF working properly. You need to download and install it before you install FreePDF (maybe the weak side of this tool). From File menu you can also quit the program.
The second and last menu, Modify, lets you merge several documents into one, encrypt the files and define some program parameters, for example, the definition of new quality profiles for document conversion.

As they say, good things comes in small jar. That might be the case for this practice application.

Juan Morán
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  • Freeware.
  • Low system requirements.
  • Small setup file size


  • Home site in German only.
  • Requires Ghostscript.
  • Not very nice interface
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