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FreePDF is a virtual printer that allows you to convert various files to PDF
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Originally developed as a graphical interface for Ghostscript, FreePDF has bloomed into a full grown application that can do a lot more than just convert PostScript files (.ps) into PDF documents. This program works as a virtual printer, thus being a universal converter which helps you convert numerous document and image formats into PDF files.

A remarkable trait that FreePDF brings to the table is the fact that it allows you to create your own preset settings. This is a handy feature, which will increase your efficiency and help you save a lot of time.

An important function is the capability of the program to merge multiple documents together, thus making the files that you create easier to publish and to share. Furthermore, I also like that FreePDF lets you add security settings to the output files, so that you can enforce your copyright over the file.

Unfortunately, although its functionality has transgressed the PostScript to PDF state, the application still needs GhostScript in order to function properly. Moreover, another small drawback comes from the lack of attention given to the graphical interface, which is a bit mundane in its current state.

In conclusion, FreePDF is a reliable tool that I’m sure you will find very handy. Although this tool requires you to install additional software, the program gets the job done and it does so for free, so it could prove to be an efficient solution for your PDF converting needs.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • It allows you to create preset settings for specific tasks.
  • The program can help you merge multiple PDF files.
  • It lets you add security settings to your output documents


  • It will not work if you don't have Ghostscript installed on your computer.
  • The graphical design of the interface isn't that great
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